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The right individual solutions for each individual cliant.

Founded in October 2001, Alliance Computing was created with the philosophy of providing our clients with the highest caliber computing and networking products and services. With our primary focus on customer needs and satisfaction, Alliance is dedicated to finding the right individual solution for each of our individual clients. Our broad vendor partnerships enable us to adapt our services accordingly to provide our clients with a unique and valuable solution; one that doesn’t require using only products and services from a ‘main supplier’.

We are dedicated to maintaining a "Hands On" approach with our clients.

Jim Rockwell founded Alliance Computing with a mission to bring together multiple vendors to solve and service network, storage and computing challenges for engineering, research, manufacturing and financial industries. His dedication to customer satisfaction is what sets him apart from all other Integrators and Resellers. Jim is responsible for ensuring the achievement of planned financial performance, Business Development, Vendor Relations and Customer Service. Additionally, Jim is dedicated to work with industry leaders to achieve and sustain the Company’s unique competitive advantage.

Mr. Rockwell has over 20 years of Sales and Executive Sales Management experience in the high technology industry. Prior to the founding of Alliance Computing Jim was VP of Vendor Relations and Customer Advocacy for Acropolis Systems, Inc. Jim was fundamental in establishing a successful Disaster Recovery & Business Continuance Practice at Acropolis.

Prior to Acropolis Jim was Vice President of Sales at a GOBOSH, Central Design Systems, Inc. one of the largest and successful national eIntegrators in the Security, Networking, Computing and Application Development industry. He had the opportunity to build revenue from $20M to $120M in just under 3 years.

Jim's career has been dedicated to corporate end user sales at all management levels maintaining a “hands on” approach. In addition, Jim has spent 9 years in the mass storage industry with Vertex Peripherals and Priam Corporation where he was responsible for OEM relationships, as well as managing distribution and channel sales both domestically and internationally. His expertise includes data management, storage, high availability, security, infrastructure and networking. Jim is a graduate of California State University at Chico where he earned a BS degree in Accounting and Finance.

“In my 20 years of high tech sales the single one thing that made me successful is my dedication to understanding and exceeding customer expectation. I enjoy treating my customers in a way that I would expect to be treated”

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Paul has over twenty years experience in computer systems, software applications and programming. He is experienced with mainframes, client-server systems, workstations and communications equipment. His software knowledge and programming experience includes developing equipment specific maintenance routines in machine language and development of Websites with XML and DHTML. Paul has been teaching communications [WAN & LAN] courses for the past five years. He is an expert e-Commerce business analyst and e-Business consultant.

He has extensive experience with data storage subsystems [disk /RAID and tape based]. His knowledge of data backup methods and vendor products allows Paul to make critical decisions quickly thereby providing customers real value.

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